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a digital creator, journalist, and craftsman of various sorts

WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Wix has changed the entire editing system which ruined the way I had things organized. Now I'm going to have to spend hours to fix it and arrange all my recent articles the way I had them before. Please visit to view my published works 


Rowan Dunne graduated from the University of Windsor in Ontario with a 4-year, Honours, Bachelor of Arts degree on June 14th, 2022. He was a film, media, communication, and journalism major. He also served as a Digital Media Assistant for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences there through a work-study program position he applied for, and gained excellent work experience from 2019-2021. His former job position involved creating promotional interview videos with students and content for events related to the faculty. He would photograph and film live events prior to the pandemic.

During the duration of his studies and employment in Ontario Rowan developed skills in commercial photography, news writing, creative writing, writing composition, project planning, video editing, Adobe Creative Cloud, audio mixing, web scraping, lighting techniques, interviewing, research, public speaking, problem-solving abilities, Canadian Press Style, WordPress, critical thinking, typography and a variety of other things

"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one."


He relocated to Vancouver in June 2021 for more career possibilities, family, and other reasons. He is also an Irish citizen.

Currently, he is serving as a Reporter/Editor/Writer for Mugglehead Magazine, reporting on mining, investments in the cannabis and psychedelics industries, sleep studies and technology, alternative energy and various other interesting topics. 

Below you will find the director's cut of a short film from his first year in university where he was responsible for audio, a short documentary about a renowned photographer that he made significant photo and video contributions to, a news story he completed about a book launch in Walkerville Ontario for one of his Digital Journalism courses, a news piece about a petition to remove Sir John A. Macdonald's name from one of the buildings at the University of Windsor, two pieces of writing and research he completed during his studies and several of the best news stories he has published in his current job position. 

You will also find several sample promotional video productions and event photography he completed for his past job position at the University of Windsor, photography he shot and edited from northern BC and Yukon, and food photography samples. One of the interview videos I created received 3,300 views on YouTube!

He has been pre-approved for substantial grant funding from ECO Canada (The Canadian government).

See Program Summary Below 

Some photos used to create this website were taken from, an excellent source for freely usable images

They are credited as follows-

Assorted Tech (Top Cover Photo): lucas Favre

COVID-19 Graffiti: Adam Nieścioruk

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Digital Journalism, Communication, Media & Film


Rowan had a love for acting and theatre long before he began his film studies.

In 2015 he successfully played the major role of Phillip in Neil LaBute's The Shape of Things at the Guild Theatre Hall in Whitehorse, Yukon. 

Labute's play was also made into a feature-length movie starring Rachel Weisz, Fred Weller, Gretchen Mol, and Paul Rudd.

The Shape of Things .jpg


Audio: Rowan Dunne


A short documentary about Doug MacLellan 

Photo and video contributions made by Rowan Dunne


Filmed and edited by Rowan Dunne


Progressive or a disservice to our national history?

Filmed and edited by Rowan Dunne


See video productions I created for my current job position and Digital Media Assistant role at the University of Windsor below


An interview with the Director of Marketing, Lisa Petty

Filmed and edited by Rowan Dunne


See sample photographs I took for my Digital Media Assistant role at the University of Windsor below